Happy birthday to our amazing, talented, cute and wonderful Kim Jinwoo! Thank you for being who you are and allow yourself to evolve without the need to change its essence. Dream on, Jinwoo... and achieve everything you want. You are and always will be a WINNER. We love you! Happy Birthday! #JinwooMustBe24

"I want to live up to the title of winner and make the name shine as bright as possible." -Jinwoo

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"Let’s all think this way, members’ zippers are my zippers too." - Eric

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winner teaching you how to make an entrance. 


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seunghoon being a little shit in other people’s video diaries

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mino’s threatening message to himself in 5 years

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winner 3 poses for fans OTL


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Winner doing their cute and sexy poses.

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You see, this is not the typical graphic you’d expect to see around. For instance, this is not a graphic by no means. This is purely what’s happening and the low point that YG reached nowadays. I’m unable to form a statement at the last words YG expressed while blatantly talking about WHO got the YG flavor or not. Getting the hate of thousands of people when truth is: he deserves no attention at all for his reckless words. YG stans know very well his aura, at least. Shameless act indeed, we all know WINNER has their own indivituality and own music genre. They stood out in the public eye for much more than the company itself. I’m starting to feel irritated at all this ’ non-yg style ’ mentions. They are under YG, they are fucking YG. ICs and the who’s next fandom know very well who’s MINO and how much talent he got.  He’s the subject of this intervention for a reason. He got the YG blood all mixed within himself. He got a discography records in his pre-debut days as a proof, he got underground recognition by lots of rappers and guess what? YG toned him down, toned most of his tracks down. If you got an hint of what’s like to hear mino’s tracks you would agree with me. He could literally slay the lives out of everybody with his wordplay, composition skills or his flow. He said it himself, he got toned down by the ceo while making the debut album for multiple reasons. The main point is: he never liked them that much. This is just a pictorial, this won’t change anything but let me tell you that  YG should be a bit more grateful for what they achieved as a group. YG has a great rapper under his paws, whose quality are being held hostage in severe ways. Now, who got the YG style sounds more like who got his undeniable favoritism. Sue me for saying this out loud. Get in line and while you’re at it, try to read between the lyrical lines I put in this pictorial.(Drake, I own you a favor) I’m, by no chance, afraid of this statement.

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Yep, got it, iKON is the next BIGBANG; Winner is just some random team you had to debut. Thank you for zero variety appearances, thank you for zero radio appearances, thank you for sending them to Japan less than three weeks after debut with nothing but a couple of fansigns.

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Never forget.

Always reblog. We can’t lose this important piece of history ever

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